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Solo Shows


2016     A Sudden Dark Breeze, Artists' House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ilan Wizgan
2016     We Decked It in Silence, Fresh Paint 8, the Tel Aviv Art Fair. Curator: Carmit Blumensohn
2016     Aftermath, Stux + Haller Gallery, New York
2015     The Object Is Present, A.I.R gallery, Brooklyn. Curator: Shlomit Dror
2015     A Sudden Dark Breeze over My Uncovered Skin, Bosi Contemporary Gallery,
              New York. Curator: Lilly Wei

2014     I Do Not See the Sky, Yanco Dada Museum, Ein Hod. Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal

2013     Long term site specific installation permanent installation, Yanco Dada  Museum, Ein Hod

2012     Side Effects, Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ilan Wizgan

2011     You Are All Red, and So Very White, installation, Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010     Berliner Liste Art Fair, Berlin

2008     Home, installation, Rothschild Avenue, Tel Aviv

Group Shows
2017     Women in israeli Art, Herzlilienblum Museum, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Shulamit Nuss
2017     Feminist Sculpture in Israel, Mané-Katz Museum, Haifa. Curator: Svetlana Reingold
2016     Do You Hear What I Hear? A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn. Curator: Anthony Elms
2015     Yes-No, Black-White, Beit Meirov, Holon. Curator: Guy Morag Zeplevitz
2015     Good Fortune and a Blessing, Museum of the Jewish People (Beit Hatfutzot), Tel Aviv.
              Curator: Carmit Blumensohn
2015     Transformed Viewpoints, A.I.R gallery, New York. Curator: Charlotta Kotik
2014     Fresh Paint 7, the Tel Aviv Art Fair
2014     2 on Richter Scale, Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Gilat Nadivi, Vera Pilpoul
2014     Point of Virtue, Herzlilienblum Museum, Tel Aviv. Curator: Neta Gal Atsmon
2014     Liminal Communities, A.I.R Gallery, New York. Curator: Lucy Li
2014     Ready-Set-Go, Municipal Gallery, Rehovot. Curators: Raya Zommer-Tal , Ora Kraus
2013     The International Plain Notebook Project, Beit Ha’ir, Tel Aviv. Curator: Guy Morag Zeplevitz
2013     Ready-Set-Go – 100 Years to the First Ready-made, Yanco Dada Museum, Ein Hod 
              Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal
2013     HEAD, Bosi Contemporary Gallery, New York. Curators: Robert Curcio and Dominick Lombardi
2013     Fresh Paint 6, the Tel Aviv Art Fair
2013     Testing Tools #10, Beit Tami Center, Tel Aviv. Curator: Carmit Blumensohn
2013     Awakening, Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Gilat Nadivi
2013     Frag-ment, A.I.R Gallery, New York. Curator: Jill Conner
2013     Women Creation, video art show, 4th Epos International Art Film Festival, the Tel Aviv Museum                 of Art. Program Coordinator: Sivan Shlack
2013     Imagination, exhibition for the Israel AIDS Task Force, Hapoalim Bank, Tel Aviv.
              Curator: Li-Mor Cohen
2013     Hamangalistim, Hachava Gallery, Holon. Curators: Anat Cohen and Guy Morag Zeplevitz
2012     Tempus Arti Triennial 2012, Landen, Linter and Zoutleeuw, Belgium. Curators: Tim Cleuren and                 Dirk Lambrechts
2012     Night of Festivals 2012, Moving Image Programme, Nottingham. Director: David Hill
2012     Summer Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London. Curator: Tess Jaray
2012     Hidden Cities, Koza Visual Culture and Arts Association, Istanbul. Curator: Luca Curci
2012     Fresh Paint 5, the Tel Aviv Art Fair
2012     fashionSCAPES, the 7th Festival of Arts and Fashion (FAT), Toronto. Director: Vanja Vasic
2012     Celebrating Kindred Spirits and Strange Bed Fellows, A.I.R Gallery, New York
              Curator: Catherine J. Morris
2012     Hidden & Forbidden Identities, Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice. Curators: Luca Curci, Elis Saint-Juste
2011     A Season in Paradise, Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Irena Gordon
2011     Video projections weekend, Centro Labicano Arte Contemporanea (CLAC), Rome
2011     Infinite Spaces (part two), Sguardi Sonori festival of multi-media and time- based art, Palazzo                   Orsini, Bomarzo. Curators: Carlo Fatigoni, Sandro Cecchi
2011     The Members Exhibition, A.I.R Gallery, New York. Curator: Susanne Altmann
2010     Infinite Spaces (part one), Sguardi Sonori festival of multi-media and time- based art, Museo  
              della Civiltà Romana, Rome. Curators: Carlo Fatigoni, Sandro Cecchi
2010     Open Portfolio, art salon, Chelsea Museum, New York. Curator: Elga Wimmer
2010     Houses in the Boulevard, open-air show, Rothschild Avenue, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ilan Wizgan
2010     Reawakening, Lana Santorelli Gallery, New York
2009     Tempus Arti 2009, Landen, Linter and Zoutleeuw, Belgium. Curators: Dirk Lambrechts and Tim                 Cleuren. Artistic Advisor: Jan Hoet
2009     15th Biennial of Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal. Curators: Fátima Lambert, Paulo Reis               and Orlando Brito- Ginório.
2009     Contemporary Expressions, international photography show, Pen & Brush Gallery, New york
              Curator: Daile Kaplan
2009     The 8th A.I.R. Gallery Biennial, New York. Curator: Lilly Wei
2008     International photography exhibition on the  theme of “Violence against Women”, Queen Sofía                    Center, Valencia
2007     Bread and Roses, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Nir Nader
2007     Mask – Identity, Gebo gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Nurit Tenne
2006     Urban Tales, time-based installations on Rothschild Avenue Tel Aviv. Curator: Ilan Wizgan
2005     100 Artists for A Museum, Casoria Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy. Curator: Antonio
2005     Unclaimed Luggage, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid. Curators: Klitsa Antoniou, Panayiotis            
              Michael, Melita Couta
2004     OPENASIA, Venice Lido. Curator: Chang Tsong-zung
2004     Nomadifesta / Pack Your Suitcase, Nicosia. Curators: Klitsa Antoniou, Panayiotis Michael,
              Melita Couta

2010 - present

2010 - present


Larnaca Biennial of Art 

Larnaca, Cyprus

October 2021

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